Raw Honey and Babies




unheated honey


That's all, cause they don't know any better.
⁠When the bee collects the nectar, it swallows it, it produces an insulin like substance, which converts 90% of the carb into enzymes for digesting fats and proteins, mainly protein. So, it has the protein for digesting protein.

It's like a solvent that helps break down cellular structures of meat and eggs. Anything that's high in protein. Once you heat it above 93 degrees, that is neutralized or destroyed, the hotter it gets the more destroyed.


What degrees?


93 degrees.

See the bees fan the hive and keep it at 92.8. If the top of the hive goes above 92.8 for very long, for an hour and a half, they will abandon it. They will go to a lower area and they will never eat that honey, unless they're starving.


I was real skeptical, I deal with Honey Pacifica and Aajonus, I went to the hive desert with him, I stuck my hand in the hive. It was 109 degrees out, but the hive was 75.

And many times we've watched the bees not to be able to keep the hive below 93 degrees, they're gone. So this is exactly right.


So, what happens is if the baby has a concentrated sugar without the insulin-

See when the bees get back to the hive they vomit.

So, honey is nectar predigested vomit. That's what honey is. Once it's heated, that insulin substance is neutralized. So, when it gets into the baby's system, it's too much sugar. It gets into the blood and nervous system and it can cause anaphylaxis just like a drug. And let me tell you most honeys are treated.

They are filtered with a filter that has high chemical reactions in it. They're also subjected to cleansers. And then if the baby gets that poison, you go into an anaphylaxis shock.

Unheated honey never has caused a problem and I had babies a month old.


Okay. The next thing to know is that there is no law. There is no legal description of what the word raw means, That includes cheese, honey, oil, cold pressed, and so if you go to a honey or a beekeeper.


They'll tell you it's raw because they believe it's raw.


Then when you go and check out their operation, it's heated to 120 degrees in the jar. They still don't believe that is heating. They believe it's warming.

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Cold pressed?


Cold spun.

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Is it okay to mix raw honey in a meat dish?




Sometimes I got piece of tough meat or tough fat and I'll put a piece of honey on it and it almost dissolves it.

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