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What's your position on raw cacao?


When I did experiments with it, it causes adrenaline rushes, it causes dryness. The theobromine is still very active, so it irritates the nervous system. It has caffeine, and theobromine.


Even in a raw form it's still not good for you?


Vegetables are raw and they're not good for you.

Those beans are not good for you.

Any kind of bean it takes an herbivore or to digest them properly.

For us they're not good, they're not healthy. Just like vegetable oils, they'll cause hardening of the arteries and the hardening of the system. So, if you're young enough, you can eat them and make you feel good, but in the long run, it's not good for you.


Mexicans been eating beans for centuries, and they're doing well.

They look well, they're strong.


They haven't been doing it for centuries, but they've been doing you for about a century.

I wouldn't say they're doing too well. They're pretty irritable, and pretty passionate.

It's like the Italians with the olive oil. It's so irritating to their systems that they're always in some kind of a passion, conflict.

So, you have to see what these foods do behaviorally.

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