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Is it related, and is there any relationship with candida?


He wants to know, he's got a rash on his scalp and he wants to know if that's related to candida. I mentioned lime juice destroys and he is just fishing for what to do about it.

90% of the toxins leave through the skin, are supposed to lead through the skin, unless you've got damaged connective tissue or skin, but 90% of waste products and we shouldn't be discarding toxin, we should just be discarding waste products, but because we eat cooked foods or people ate cooked foods all their lives, exposed to pollution. You've got 90% of that stuff that's coming out of your body, those toxins are going out to the skin, not the bowels cuz you wouldn't be digesting good food all the time if all those toxins were eliminated through the bowels and the urinary tract because that's a digestive area. It's not a detoxification area.

So, the skin is your main detoxifier. You're always going to have breakouts. If you're raised in this society, you went by their rules, the medication, the food intake, you are always going to have some kind of break out when poisons are leaving through the skin. Rash is one of them, could be fungal, it could be candida related. It could be yeast infection, could be any kind of a fungus; mainly fungus grow in and under the skin, that is the final place to break down things. We don't have fungus internally, unless in a aerobic place, like the bowels or the intestines and gangrene area, that's a fungus that could grow internally wherever the air can pass in.

But mainly your yeasts, like in a vaginal area, there's air pockets in there, and yeast, fungus grows in there. Yeast is a fungus, all yeast are fungus, so are fungi.

So, anytime you have an elimination through the skin, you want to help the elimination. You could put clay on the area, you could put lime juice to help surround the poison, so it doesn't damage the skin as much. Butter is the best thing to nurture the skin, to make it stronger and more resistant and less vulnerable to the toxins moving through the skin.


Eating it and putting it on, both?


Putting it right on the skin and eating of course, but definitely applying it on the surface.

The Primal Facial Body Care Cream is the best thing you could use, but people are lazy. So, those lazy ones just use butter.


How long does it last?


The Primal Facial Body Care Cream. I've had it last up to seven months in the refrigerator. It's never lasted more than seven months because I've always used it, so I don't know if it would last longer. It might.


What about the toothpaste? How long does that it last? You said five days in the book.


Well, the toothpaste, that's the clay, the coconut cream and the vinegar. I never make any more to last me more than two weeks or probably 10 days.

So, I don't know how long that will last.





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