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I have been reading a great deal online about the radioactive fallout and how it's affecting everything, including I put fruit trees in this little tiny yard that we have. Turns out in Germany today from Cher Noble in forests where mushrooms grow and the wild boars eat the mushrooms in these forests that if a hunter shoots a wild, they are required by law to have it inspected for its radiation content because there's so much radiation in the wild mushrooms from these very porous sorts of floors in the forest because of how the mushrooms take it up like a sponge.

The bore eats and it concentrates in the bore's body and 1000 - 2000 bores per year are not allowed to be consumed because the radiation levels are so high. This is from Chernobyl today.


So, I'm reading this and of course, what did I use in my yard that's nothing but hard pan concrete. I got forest products to amend the soil, right? To put in the macadamian tree. These things, you know. So, now I'm sitting here thinking, holy crap. You know, pardon my language. But, so I covered some of them up around the base to keep the rain water off, and I'm putting filtered water on them to try to keep the rainwater from, anyway, so this is, I'm just wondering and I've read that there are a lot of very creative farmers in that region who came up with ways to amend soil with clays and so forth and different minerals to try to neutralize the toxicity from the radiation.

And was wondering if because you have so much contact with these farmers and I don't have the luxury to live on a piece of land where I can be a farmer, which I would love to do that. If there are certain things that they're doing or that you've heard of to help deal with this.


Well, always look at this picture first.

When you cook something, you fractionate everything and you release a radioactive material that will be damaging and harmful. When it is bound in other nutrients. It is neutralized to a great extent. So they cook the pig, they got big problems if it's high in radiation, if you don't cook the pig and eat it raw. Most of it's going to be not storing your body and it's going to pass out of the body, either in the feces or in your urine, less in the urine, but in the feces, urine or your perspiration.

So, it's not going to get into the glands in areas like that. Now, the mushroom, how the mushroom works, the mushroom is just a fruit of the mycelium. Mycelium is a solvent, a living solvent, a fungus that goes into the ground and it eats dead roots. That's all it does, it eats dead roots. If it finds an insect with hardened arteries or a dead insect, it can also eat that, but its main purpose is to dissolve dried dead roots of anything, whether tree, grass, bush, doesn't matter what it is, it eats roots. Once it's finished in a location, it will sprout mushrooms for the spores to spread, and it looks for more dried roots to do it.

And of course with grass, you cut it all the time. Like this grass is dead. There'd be a mycelium to break those roots down to free up the soil so you could grow grass again. So the mushroom, when the radioactive material gets into the dirt and gets locked in with the minerals, and the mycelium breaks down it's adjacent roots, and that radioactive material gets involved in the mushroom and the mycelium, and then it's part of the mushroom as it's spores.

If you consume it raw, the likelihood of you having a problem is very minimal.

If you eat it cooked, you're always gonna cause contamination. You've got arsenic, you've got lead, you've got mercury, you've got all of these trace toxic substances in every food you eat. Once you cook them, that makes them available to do damage. Otherwise, they're beneficial.

Small amounts, they are beneficial.

Small amounts, they are beneficial. when? When they're in conjunction and coupled with other nutrients. So remember, you want to have the greatest resistance to any kind of nuclear fallout you have to do what the Japanese do. You eat lots of raw sushi or raw meats. It doesn't have to be fish, just raw meats and lots of raw foods. They eat a lot of raw foods. They'll even have orange with their their sashimi meals, slice of orange at the end in Japan. They have mostly raw food. They're the only country in the world that mostly eats raw foods, besides the Massai tribes, the Samburu, Fulani, and the Eskimo.

Of course, they're eating sprouts and they're eating seaweeds and stuff like that. They're very difficult to eat, but still they're not putting so much contamination in their body from cooked foods that allow those toxic substances to infiltrate and do damage in their body.

Even though not on the best diet like the Messai, the Samburu, Fulani and Eskimo used to be before they were ruined by Great Britain. And we've ruined Eskimos and Great Britain has ruined all of Africa and those s tribes.

So, the point is you can protect yourself more with the raw food. Cooking will damage you in more ways than one now that we have all this radioactive contamination.


With the Japanese, what are they doing besides the raw fish? Are they eating your seaweed product or is that contaminated there too?


Well, of course it's going be contaminated now, but Japanese are between a rock and a hard place. The US government's gonna destroy them. They were coming out with a car that ran on water this year. It's been ruined. It's over. It's not happening. Tthey were purposely ruined because. That country will never survive now cause you can't stop the China syndrome. It's too late.

I won't eat anything that isn't out of the deep ocean.

I'll eat shark. I'll eat swordfish and I'll eat tuna, any deep sea fish?


You won't eat salmon?


No. I stopped eating salmon two years ago cuz every time I ate it I got sick and they're lying like a rug. The salmon industry with Monsanto and they're GMO, genetically modified fish.

They released it over 15 years ago to the wild. Every time I eat salmon, even if it's from good waters, I get sick, so I stopped eating it about three years ago.

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