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I'm wondering what more I can do. I'm eating bone marrow to tighten up my right front tooth that's still pretty loose.


Are you tucking it?


I'm trying to do that as best as I can. My gum isn't really lifting up that much to put it in there, but I did get a separate keyboard.

I was sitting too close to my laptop and I'm very sensitive to the electromagnetic, so since I'm a lot further away from the computer, that seems to be helping me. Cause it seemed as though as soon as I was in front of the computer, it would loosen up again like it was radiating


Radiation, that's what I said. Radiation caused my bone loss around my teeth. So, if you've got a computer screen or an EMF field from a laptop and you're typing right off of your laptop, you're going to get a huge EMF field anywhere from 35 milligals to milligals 130. That's very, very strong.

3 milligals is is all it takes to alter the structure of human cells, and you're dealing with a high level. So, you get a separate keyboard, plug it in and keep it about 8 inches away. The bottom of the laptop to the top of your keyboard should be about 6.5 - 7 inches away.

So, your fingers never get within 8 inches of the bottom of the keyboard.


Yeah, I'm pretty far.


Now, some of the Macs are a lower EMF field than others.

Mitsubishi and some of the other Japanese brands were really high. My Acer Ferrari, I got it for the speed. Acer is a brand.

So, mine is very high. Mine shoots up to about 90 milligals, so I have mine a whole 10 inches away from my laptop.





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