Radiation and Cat Scans



x rays




More radiation, that's all I need *laughs*

It takes years to get rid of radiation.


What about a cat scan?


It's worse.


I know, but how many years to get rid of it?


20 years from the cat scan. You have to understand, your body is made of minerals. A lot of them are metallic, especially if you eaten cooked foods. You have a lot of solidified metal in your system, it is not raw. Cauterized minerals, solid metals that when they are irradiated, they stay active for sometimes 150 years.

You cannot dissolve all of that out of your bone from a diet overnight. It could take 30, 40 years to get rid of it all. So, every time you get a dose of radiation, you're reactivating.


But you mentioned avocados and oranges?


Oranges will help get it out of the softer tissue.

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