Pyruvate Wil Give You Energy From Meat Alone



red meat


eating meat alone







Like if you put too much like green, what do you call it, umm- garnish with your meat is that-?


It will also do the same thing, prevent your meat from digesting.


And the same with avocado?


No, avocado is a fat, it's not a high alkaline food it's a neutral, most of your fats are neutral, in fact, all of your fats are pretty neutral.


So, basically, if you if you eat a pyruvate it will give you energy right?

Even though it's not your building cells.


Oh yeah, it will give you lots of energy,

Unless you're completely skinny person and don't have any fat to burn.

Then the pyruvate is going to burn quickly, and you're going to have will be like sugar. You have a quick high energy for maybe 1/2 an hour, 45 minutes, and then you won't have any energy.


So if I just eat red meat with nothing with it that's going to be a pyruvate, so I've got to eat butter with it to rebuild?


Or cream or combination.

[Attendee #2]

Now, that little bit of thyme you might add to like you know, ceviche or something like that.

Is that, like the little bit of herbs, is that-


Like I said in the recipe book, 2 tablespoons of herbs with a meat meal is is not enough to cause a problem.

[Attendee #2]

So it is OK.


Or else I've made a bad recipe book.

Ha ha.

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