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Uh, when you're making high fish, what will the high fish do for you? What will it help?


Okay. Anytime you are making high meat, the whole purpose is for bacteria to break down the meat. Normally in our digestive tracts we have a lot of bacteria that breaks down meat.

Not only hydrochloric acid, but bacteria, salmonella, E.coli. E.coli is the last final digestion of meat. And then E.coli is the most important bacteria there is. It helps you synthesize B-vitamins and amino acids. It takes that protein and breaks it down into the finest form. It's a backup for your immune system.

When you take meat and you fill it full of bacteria, whether you're coating it with E.coli the E.coli breeds on it, what you are doing is introducing bacteria into your body that will help you digest meat, period. That's what it's for. If you want to go into detoxification, you have to ferment that meat severely.

You have to let it go into a liquid where all the protein is already predigested by the bacteria and it's high in alcohol. That's a bacteria detoxification and that is an extremely hard point to get to. You have to let your meat sit for 6, 7, 8, 10 months before we will come become completely liquid like that. Bacteria in high meat is to help you to just meat, period. That is what it's for.





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