Protein Deficiency - Poor Sleep

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Protein, raw protein. Most people can't sleep because they're protein deficient.  

Most people get depressed because they're protein deficient, although that I said in the first book, I said it was majorly a sugar problem. So, I said have lots of honey, eggs, together to go to sleep. 

But that would mainly cause such a high sugar level that it just knocked people out. You know, like you have a candy, and you go on a high, and an hour or two later you crash. So, that's basically what I would force people into. It was a quick way to do it. 

Most people, if you say it's a protein deficiency, they need lots of raw eggs, and raw meat, they don't do it. 

But that is the major reason. It's the protein. If you aren't able to digest, and utilize the protein that you were eating before, it would keep you from sleeping properly. Now that you're eating a meat and almost everybody can digest, 99% of the people I've seen can digest raw meat, period. 99.9%. So then you're able to sleep 


Protein, does that also mean fish? 


Any kind of meat, yes. There are some people where there's a sleep center in the brain that gets damaged from vaccines, some other poisoning. Then it doesn't have anything to do with protein deficiency. They just can't sleep. I know one fellow, he was the designer and developer of Piper Aircraft, I was a good friend of the Piper family. 

This man got really tired one time, and a propeller backed up, and cut his head off, top of his head, hit the sleep center. He hasn't slept in 36 years. He has no trouble. He doesn't get fatigued or doesn't get tired? He goes all day long and he's not bad, real effected. 

He rests, but he never sleeps 

For him, it's fine. It's fine for him. Most people it isn't. Most people would turn out to be George Bush and go bomb a country. 

You can tell I like George Bush. 





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