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protein deficiency



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And high meat is the best way or eating fecal matter to infuse the E coli into the system to make sure that the E coli is breaking down the proteins. Now you digest protein all throughout the intestinal tract, as long as you're not too alkaline. As long as you haven't eating vegetables along with the meat or dairy or eggs.

Your system will be acidic enough to create the acidic bacteria, and the hydrochloric acids all throughout the small intestines. So, that by the time you've got the smaller molecule of meat getting into the colon, the E coli can do its job. 90% of the amino acids that are digested by the E coli, go to the brain and nervous system, some to the glands, but most of it to the brain and nervous system.

If you have a problem sleeping it's because of that protein deficiency for the nerves. So, you always need to eat your meat a little aged or very aged, or eat a heck of a lot of eggs to get that liquid protein in your system that can get down to the E coli.

Now I've done experiments and I found that six eggs in the average diet will not do it. Six eggs will not reverse insomnia.


Is that a day?


That's a day. It takes 12 to 16 because the protein is all liquid and the white of the egg, the body absorbs, and utilizes it everywhere else. It takes 12 to 18 eggs to satisfy the body's need for protein even if you're eating meat. To get to the point where the E coli gets to break some of that egg white down, that protein down for the nervous system.

So, if you have insomnia and you're eating meat, you're eating eggs, you're eating dairy. Then you know you have an E coli problem. You're just gonna have to down a lot of eggs.

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