Protein Allows Fat To Be Used and Vice Versa - Fat With Fruit Causes Detox




food combining






We have one with the meat meal and another with meat meal. That way you'll utilize the fats a lot better. Protein allows the fats to be utilized properly. Fats can't be utilized without protein, and protein cannot be utilized without fat, so that's why I want to put them together. That's why I advise having most of your fat at that meal.

Whenever you have a fat with a fruit, it will be for detoxification, not for building or strengthening. Know that when you put fat, no matter what kind of fat it is, you put it with a fruit or a vegetable juice, and it will cause detoxification.

As far as trying to hydrate yourself, with all that fasting that takes years to rehydrate or relubricate every cell. You were at such an extreme point, it's not going be a awhile before you feel balanced. You just have to make it through.


What about tomatoes?


Tomatoes and a little cream would be little bit better.


I'm thinking the small cherry tomatoes, just pop them in. They're easier to eat.


You can eat 'em all day long if you want.


Just put it on or?


You can blend it together or drink a sip of cream, then eat some tomato.

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