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You're an athlete, you should be a ditch digger, an athlete, carpenter, somebody who's always using their body.


What if they had Ritalin and they have drug problems now, what do you recommend to help them get out of that?


You just have to go cold turkey and sing and exercise a lot.


But say that didn't help?


It will. I've. Patients who had 14 activity rings in their irises, that's the most I've ever seen. That means 14 hours of activity a day, 8 to 10 hours of exercise. Those are professional athletes, professional carpenters, ditch diggers, people who work hard labor every day, because that's their main product.

Hormones for physical activity, and I'd never seen anybody that wouldn't exhaust and be relaxed after 14 hours. And if I knew how many activity rings you had, I'd know how many hours you need.


But it's not that I have an issue with being hyperactive.

Like in fact, I'm actually feeling tired of depleted all the time.


That's because you've got other ailments and the drugs like Ritalin caused that problem. They call it the lethargy of the body cause that's what they're intended to do. Cause the lethargy in the body, yet you're still producing the hormones.

That's why you have that, I don't feel like exercising and then you're also full of anxiety. It's a catch 22, but that's what they want cuz then you'll stay on the medication for life. It's a trap, intended.

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