The probiotics. So, the probiotics add all of those kind of infinite bacterias back to the body. Some people eat worms, some people eat fecal matter, some people eat high meat. Meat that's allowed to grow with lots of bacteria. There are many ways to get those probiotics.

Probiotics means living, decaying matter, pre-broken down pre-digested. Now people ask me, why does the high meat work so quickly, 10, 20 minutes and you can go from depression to happiness like that. Because when the bacteria feeds on those meats, it pre-digests them, it doesn't won't work on your own system. It won't work on your own tissue. It only works on the tissue of that meat. When it goes through your digestive tract, you're supposed to have all those minute bacteria to do that already in your intestines. We're pretty well robbed of it. We poisoned our system. Then when you get down to the bowel, you have all that E coli.

E coli is responsible for the final digestion of fat and proteins. Reduces it to those finite molecules that feed the brain and the nervous system. If your E coli is poor, you're not gonna feed your brain and your nervous system. When you make high meat, the bacteria that naturally grows in it and starts free to pre-digesting it, breaks it down to those finite molecules already, so your body doesn't have to wait 16, 18 hours until he gets into the bowel.

It works immediately. You've absorbed those proteins and those fats and those finite molecules to feed your brain and nervous. That's why it works so miraculously.


There are some companies that sell probiotics that maybe I'll just email you.


Well, there's The Primal Defense. Their pill form is ridiculous. Once you solidify it into pill form, all those things are dead. The powder form it's dry. You need to put it in juice, you need to let it start becoming alive by hydrating it with something. It could be a little bit of fermented vegetable juice, that will help bring it back to life, but you don't wanna have the pill form and you don't wanna take the capsules that it comes in. Take it out of the capsules if you're going to have that. That's mainly worm casing.

There are others. There's the EMS and that's in a liquid form. I don't trust those because they're not from food. They're mainly with fish and amphibians. So, I'm not sure that they're proper for the human digestive tract. I have not experimented with it, I'm not in a situation where I have a laboratory again to work in. So, I won't be doing any on that until I set up the laboratory in the clinic in Thailand.


When will that be?


About three, four years before it's completed.


You bought the property already?


Don't wanna talk about that yet. Those are the only two that I know about. Those two products: EMS, and The Primal Defense.

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