Primal Facial Body Care Cream - Royal Jelly



primal facial body care cream


bone marrow

stem cells


royal jelly



Catch what the change was?


The skin Formula one?


Yeah, the skin formula.


The Primal Facial Body Care Cream is the same. It is the same.

Well, you can alter it instead of putting butter in it, you can put bone marrow.


What would that do?


Because it just adds stem cells to the skin and that would be better for you. Put bone marrow in your Primal Facial Body Care Cream.


That royal jelly, would that add stem cells?


You can't get it unfrozen anymore.

Freezing destroys the stem cells. You cannot get royal jelly unfrozen.


It's no good to eat the Royal Jelly anymore?


It's no good anymore. They freeze all of it.

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