Preserving Meat, Glands For Sex and Energy

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Right before 2000, a friend of mine hunted a deer, so I butchered it and cut up all the pieces and the glands and everything and I got 38 pounds of it and he got 40 pounds of it. And we downed the glands right away, I was high for three days, and really, I didn't sleep. 

I was very tired. I had given a workshop on Saturday, had seen patients for two days in Nevada City and then just as I was about to leave, I had to go pick my girlfriend up at Nevada Airport, so I had a good drive. I was going to take a nap, so he shoots this deer, so nobody knows how to butcher the thing, so I had to butcher it.  

So, that took three hours to butcher the whole thing, to skin it and butcher the whole thing, get it all into cuts to be able to package it. So, I spent that whole three hours doing that. Took the glands, put them in a blender with milk and blend it all together and we all drank it all right there. 

And I think they had a little bit left and I took a cup of it and they kept a couple of cups of it and I went to pick up my girlfriend. I was not tired; I was wide awake. We had sex for five hours, the next day she was tired. I wasn't tired, so I gave her half a cup of the glands and I had another half and we basically didn't sleep for two days, and had lots of sex. And we went out and visited, there's a bunch of lakes and I thought they were fresh water lakes, Pyramid Lake. Where were at the Pyramid Lake and I'm expecting fresh water, I dive into the salt water, I almost died and this was winter too.  

So anyway, I had him ship the meat for me back to Malibu, so I packed all the meat up. I dried it a little bit on either side for about three, four hours on either side. 




No, in the house. There was no sun those days that I was doing it or else I would've just left that in the sun for maybe 20, 30 minutes on either side. And I cut it in slices about 1/2 inch thick, maybe 3/4 of an inch thick, and then I stuffed them in quart and half gallon jars. And first I put either peanut oil, at that time we could get a completely raw peanut oil, never heated over 104°, but it's so expensive to make.  

They had such a demand for it that they just go for the cheap stuff now, so they don't produce it anymore. But I put 3/4 - 1 cup of the oil in the bottom, and then stuffed the meat around and of course the oil would come up up and coat the meat and then I would put more in as I stuffed more of the meat in until it was not a lot of oil, but just so it covered the surface of all the meat and then up to the top about a half inch above the meat level.  

Usually, you'd put a beeswax sealer on the top of that, and that's normally how you do it to keep any gases or any oxidation of it. 

But I just put the lids on it. I wanted to see what happened with just the oil, without beeswax. And I just opened the last one in December, last December, and it was 10 years old and it was perfectly good.  


You think you can use olive oil?  


Yeah, you can use olive oil, but it's still, you have to understand olive oil is a very acidic compound and when you eat it, it kind of like burns when it's that old. Well, when it's soaked in the meat it even burns more. 

It's like cod liver oil, you know how potent and burns that is? It was like that, but I didn't eat the olive oil, except as it was on the meat and I took the meat and scraped off a bit of it, but I ate the meat. It had the peanut oil and it had the olive oil in it, but it didn't stink. I mean, didn't stink badly. 


Does coconut oil work? 


Coconut oil ferments, doesn't work the same.  


And that was room temperature? 


Room temperature, yep, in a cupboard. 


So, you're saying you can't get the peanut oil, so is there any other alternative oil that you had suggested?  


Just the olive oil. But there was a, a scientist... 

[Cuts off here, but I think he talks about using kefir to store steak for 10 years] 





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