Prescott Bush Financed Hitler






Does anybody know who Prescott Bush is? Grandfather to our present fascist in office. Prescott Bush financed Hitler. As soon as the attorney general found out about that in the United States and seized all the assets of that bank that Prescott Bush ran, Hitler started falling quickly.

And you have to take a look at it, who the hell was this Hitler? He was a house painter, he was a vegetarian fanatic house painter. They just used him as a puppet, he was just a puppet, a fanatic who put two table spoons of sugar in each glass of wine, who would take a whole bowl of sugar and put it on top of cake. He was a crazy man.


He had injections of stimulants every morning to get out of bed.


Cause he couldn't function.


He just had a big documentary on him that was about his doctor actually.


But his doctor was part of Prescott Bush.

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