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I've done the diet a little over a year, and I go to the doctor for the regular tests and one of the blood tests, I've never had this problem before. I just had it redone after I saw you the last time. So, I'm showing pre-diabetes with very high sugar, and I do notice that sometimes when I eat certain things, like I feel my heart rate going really fast.

And of course, I'm just eating the meat, the dairy and the honey and all that. And I started cutting down on the honey, but I wondered if there's any other.


Okay. Is that all the symptom you're having?


The palpitations and I don't know. I didn't feel right before I did it, and I was wondering, because I didn't have sugar for like 20, 30 years before I went on your diet.

So, now I'm having sugar and my body doesn't seem to-


But that's not a diabetic reaction. The diabetic reaction is spacing out. Getting very weak, getting dizzy, blacking out. I had diabetes. I know what diabetic symptoms are.


So what's that?


Heart palpitations, that can come from minerals, having metals getting into the blood at one time, the heart does not want to let it settle, so it pumps the blood fast through there hoping some minerals in the digestive tract will attract them out of it.


So, what's the prediabetes test that he's saying I have?


The prediabetes will make almost 80% of the people who get their tests done look diabetic or prediabetic. It's meant to do that, to get you thinking, "Oh, I'm going diabetic. Maybe I should end up taking diabetic medicine, insulin".


But I wanted to know, is there's anything I should or shouldn't do with the diet, you're saying, nevermind?


If you're having heart palpitations like that, you drink cream. I have it if I have a juice in the morning, if I have more than eight ounces, My heart will go like this. I'll get a little sugar reaction, but it's not a diabetic reaction. It doesn't mean I'm not utilizing my sugars. I'm utilizing too many sugars, which is the opposite diabetes. Plus all the minerals that are pulled out, so I'll put it either an egg in my juice or a little cream in it the next day, but it only happens to me first thing in the morning. One out of 15 days, but if I can tell it's going to happen, I'll put my egg in it and cream in it, and then I don't need to worry about it the next day.

Diabetes is reversed by having a proper fat.


I'm not saying that she should eat no fat, but I'm saying her body weight in general.


Wouldn't have anything to do with diabetes or sugar.





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