Powdered Whey


fat deficiency



weight gain






Bodybuilders eat the powdered whey, dehydrated. So they can pump and pump and pump and their muscles don't get sore, but it's chalk. So, they have all this swollen fat that takes a lot of H20 to hydrate the tissues, so they're blown up with a lot of water. It also looks good, but it isn't very strong. 


I cramp up when I'm being sexual.  


You got a lot of urea, but see you had a lot of fat on you before and now you don't have that fat. Your body got used to all that fat, could take all that urea, and had a place to go. Now it doesn't have a place to go cause you're not very fat. 

You don't have enough fat on you. The more fat, the less cramping you have. 

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