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Edward Howell, he did the experiments to repeat what Pottenger did. Pottenger took the 900 cats over a 10-year period. Fed one group cooked, one group raw and over that and over that period of 20 years, all the cats that were fed cooked meats and cooked dairy all got diseases.  

All the diseases of man.  

And the cats that were fed all raw and had no diseases. Well, Howell wanted to do the same thing, but he didn't want to have the life expansion of a cat and all the cats lived 1/3 the normal life that they would live, if they weren't autopsied before, just to check their organs and everything. Because Pottenger let very few live their full lifespan, just a few in each group. 

But Howell wanted to see how they will all live if they have their full lifetime.  

So, he used rats which lived three years normally, healthy rats. And he found that the rats who who were fed the cook food had all the diseases of man, the rats who had raw foods had no diseases.  

But they all lived three years.  

Both groups, and boy that really confused him. 

So, he went around for a year, scratching his head trying to figure it out.  

Then all of a sudden he realized a note that appeared every day. These rats are eating their fecal matter. And it's only the rats that were eating cooked foods. 

So, he redid the test, put a screen down and they only lived two years instead of three years, that's all.  

So, the fecal matter was very important for giving them protein because in the bowels your last stage of protein digestion.  

That's where the E.coli converts those proteins into the b-vitamins and compound amino acids which backs up the nervous system. 

That's why almost all animals eat fecal matter. 

And get the E.coli growing quickly.  

You know, the pharmaceutical and medical profession wants you to believe that bacteria is the whole problem of everything when it's got nothing to do with bacteria.  

All animals have been living with bacteria for millions of years in complete harmony.  

No diseases, no death, but the pharmaceutical and the medical industry.  

The pharmaceutical runs the medical industry.  

They dictate what happens in the schools and everything, so the doctors can't really blame them.  

You need to blame the pharmaceutical houses. So, they want you to believe that bacteria is your problem. And bacteria just occur as a consequence of disease but does not create disease. But they are calling it just the opposite. 

Yet, all of their drugs create more diseases and there's no cure with the disease, and you go there route. 

But if you look at other doctors of the period around Pasteur.  

You know who didn't believe in the germ theory, and believed in spontaneous, you know- 

Spontaneous eruption or transformation, or transmogrification of one life form to another. You could take a a certain bacteria and they can transform from a certain kind of salmonella to another form of bacteria and other type of amoeba that would help eat up certain decaying tissue.  


Yeah, there were studies where they ensure that the bacteria will convert rods to spirals.  

And so forth.  


Right, and each one would have a different diet and it would clean up the garbage. So,these bacteria and parasites are very important for health if you're diseased.  





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