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Edward Howell, the so-called father of enzyme nutrition did an experiment to copy or to prove Pottenger's work with those 900 cats over a 10-year period to show that you have to prove that yes, cooked foods do create diseases in animals, raw foods allow no for no disease.  

So, he did this experiment, which is a little over three years. I forgot how many rats he had, but I think he had 58, 57, something like 60 rats for the first experiment. Those that ate the cooked foods at the end of their lives in three years had all the diseases of man. Those that ate raw had no diseases, but they all died three years, and this is very different from Pottenger's work because the cats on cooked food lived one third less than the cats on raw food that didn't have any diseases. So, he was very concerned about that part of the experiment, didn't know what was happening, thought it was maybe some bacterial activity or something that was happening in the rat, it was unusual. Maybe they have hormone a hormone that's different from cats. So, he's going over the notes over and over and over again for a year and finally realized only there was one very peculiar difference, the cats who ate cooked foods, ate their feces, ate each other species, they ate all of it. They didn't even have to clean out the gate. They ate all the feces or most of it. 

So, he decided to redo the experiment and sure enough, he put a wire mesh down to the rats when they had a movement, the fecal matter fell through the screen. They only lived two years instead of three years this time. So, fecal matter can be very beneficial, all animals know it except for humans, and I used it in the two situations, recommended it for people with very aggressive cancer metastasized all over their systems. 

One fellow came to me about four months ago with- this is the third time he's had cancer. He was only about my age. I'm 55 in few days. He's 56 or 57. It had metastasized this time in the lungs, liver, and testes and he had part of his intestines already moved 10 years earlier in cancer and I think it was in his pancreas. 

So, it was aggressive, he was going quickly and just getting thinner and thinner So, I had a lot of buffalo fecal matter and bowel tissue, and I gave it to him. I said, what I recommend is you eat at least a tablespoon per day. 5 days on, 6 days off or about 30 days and I think he did it for only the first week, because I didn't give him much. I told him where he could get more, I don't think he did, but he was taking morphine because of the pain and every client that I had who was on morphine never made it because it breaks their appetite, and they can't eat enough. So, they just disintegrate interiorally. So, what it did for him, that fecal matter allowed him to have a hell of an appetite. So, he gained 10 pounds in about 10 days and the last time I talked to him, he was up 20 pounds. So, he was much more focused and able and a little bit bigger than that and that was the first person that I had really, you know, I drove it into him to do it. 

It's very difficult to do with women who have cancer. I'd say most of the people who come to me with cancer are women and it's very difficult to convince women to start eating shit.  

No, it isn't. It's not even as bad as high meat because all it does is tastes like overcooked- did your mother ever overcook vegetables? That's what it tastes like, overcooked vegetables. It tastes like what it is. It tastes like vegetables over cooked and if you like vegetables overcooked that'd be fine, but if you're like me I wanna vomit. So, just swallow it down. 

You could wash it down with milk, that's not a problem. 


Can you eat your own? 


I don't recommend it. I recommend it from an animal that's healthy. 

I get it from- Kathy gets it for me. We have some people who slaughter buffalo for us. We get all the glands, and we ask them to give us 70 pounds of bowels with all the contents in it, by the way I need to get some more. About a couple of pounds of bowel with fecal man, give it all away. 


Well, probably because of the vagotomy, I had less digestive acids, so sometimes I'd eat a high amount of fat I'd have very loose stools, diarrhea or loose stools. That's an indication that I'm not digesting all of it and if I eat the fecal matter, I can digest a lot more.  


I ate some of the fecal matter yesterday, buffaloes, and I had two bowel movements today. 


Yeah, ot of people who have constipation, that relieves it, and if it's the other way around, diarrhea, it helps reverse it the other way. 

Eating shit is good, not very tasty. I hate cooked vegetables... 

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