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She asked, what you use for poison ivy. Poison oak, that's in the book.

You mean like PMS symptoms?

Well, most of the time when the body's getting ready to go into menstruation, you're gonna throw off a lot of hormones. And with that, there's a lot of red blood cell loss. So, the whole fat level gets very low, so does the bacterial level because along with those toxic hormones from neurological impulses, psychological trauma, when that's detoxifying, there's always alkaloids along with it.

And the alkaloids are like an antibiotic and they will destroy bacteria. So, the bacterial level gets low, then the body has to do everything with solvents intact. It has to do everything on its own and if you were given a whole weeks work to do in two days, you wouldn't like it either.

So, the body gets depressed and you get it depressed along with it. The bacteria helps you break down these compounds, so then the body feels lighter. That's why when people eat the high meat, they get silly. 99% of everybody who eats the high meat gets high within about 10 - 20 minutes, they start giggling, and start feeling good because the body all of a sudden has a lot of help, has all those bacteria to deal with these, this degenerative matter that's in your body.

So, eat high meat, lots of high meat, and make sure you eat lots of moisturizing formulas during those periods, so you have enough bacteria and fats in the blood, and that'll mitigate those problems. You might even have two moisturizing formulas a day, one with each meat meal or make a large one and have half of it.

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