Plaque and Toxins Go Into Brain



bone marrow


toxins in fat



So much more plaque.


Most of your toxic metals are in the brain. The brain is 60% fat, it's higher than any other place in the body except for the bone marrow and most of the toxins go into the bone marrow and brain. The body tries to defend the bone marrow and restrict poisons going there cuz that's where you breed with red, white blood cells and stem cells.

So, the brain is the most polluted part of the body. We also have the 80,000 years ago is when we started developing such a large brain and that coincides with the amount of cooking that had been done and starting to melt and use pottery and stuff like that where they were using kilns where you've got this poisonous vapor with heavy metals breathing into your lungs.

So, the brain seemed to develop under the amount of pollution that that man was subjecting himself to

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