Pinworms and Tapeworms









All those that you can find in fish. 



I've eaten thousands of them and didn't get them. 


Would it help anybody to eat it? 




If anybody's interested, I can get a monkfish liver. If they want to get a pinworm. 


But I ate a pinworm infested pound of salmon. It was undulating, must've been at least 10 million eggs in there. I ate it, and I didn't one pinworm. 

Cause all the chemo and radiation poisoning. So, I wasn't able to breed one however, in other sick animals that I fed the parasites. I could not get them to breed a parasite from eating the meat. So, it's rather a myth.  

The way the Joel Weinstock did it was he put the whip worm eggs in Gatorade, which is highly alkalinize. So, they drank the eggs from the whip worm, and it went into their intestines, and when it went through their stomach, the hydrochloric acid was neutralized by the Gatorade. So, the eggs are able to survive that tract, so they were able to breed in the intestine. 

I never gave an animal Gatorade with these whip worms because that's not natural. So, you can't naturally get it. It has to be an element again, of our industrial society that can allow you to pass into the stomach and intestines without being dissolved by the hydrochloric acid. 

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