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Doing the pineapple, but my question would be, can you give us an update on changes in the baths since you wrote the book?  


Before I used to say drink that pineapple mixture right before you get in the bath or while you're in there, when you first get in. I find that that isn't efficient over the years for a lot of people. 

So, I found that if you eat it at your normal fruit meal, it's gonna be in your blood and in your digestive tract being absorbed by the time you get into the tub at night.  

So, I used to want the fresh juices activated, but I find that those aren't as good as when it's getting into the mixing and all in the blood and in the digestive tract with other nutrients and when it's bacterial assimilated, and worked on better with the bacteria in the intestines.  

So, I found that eating the pineapple mixture for your regular fruit meal and doing the baths at night is better.  


What if you take your bath before your fruit meal?  


Not such a good idea, but if you do, then you eat your fruit meal at a different time of the day. 


I mean, a lot of times I'll get up in the morning and after I've had my green juice, I'll decide I just want to take my bath and be done with it.  


Well, then I would eat your fruit meal in the middle of the night.  


That far ahead of time? 


Yeah. I find 5 - 6 hours minimum is better. 

8 -9 hours is good too. 

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