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Anyways, I had another one, I forgot what it's called, where the stuff's coming out of it, and it's 8 mm by 7 mm and I saw two neurosurgeons. They wanna put a steel plate in there and a fusion and all that, and I am intent on healing it naturally. So, I'm wondering what part of your diet would be the most important thing for me to get the- there's a lot of pressure on the spinal column apparently that it's impinging on.


It's in your neck?




Okay. That's the least pressure of anywhere in your body, but it's also the hardest to get circulation to it.

Anything that repairs bone will repair cartilage, so the pineapple, a little bit of pineapple about every other day with some coconut cream, a little dairy cream and lots of cheese, little cheese with honey, or little honey with cheese like 1.5 tablespoons of cheese with about 3/4 of a teaspoon of honey after a meat meal, about 30 minutes after a meat meal will help give you a lot of minerals.

Eating bone marrow, little teaspoons throughout the day will help it rapidly, rubbing bone marrow into your neck before you go to sleep, putting hot water bottles at either side of your neck and a silk scarf over that to tent the heat in. That will increase the circulation, so more nutrients get into your neck and you can resolve it.

Usually, you can resolve it within about 18 months to where there's no more danger, there's no more deterioration and you start adding to it. It'll take about 6, 7 years to completely clean it, but you shouldn't have any trouble as long as you keep your neck relaxed and stretched.

So, when you wake up in the morning, stretch your neck, get your chin to your chest, go over into the plow, stay in the plow for about five minutes is the best thing you can do,. Keep everything stretched, so you don't have any compression, so you have plenty of circulation into the vertebrates.


So, you think it is possible to actually reduce the herniations and have fluid that's come out, come back in.


Herniation's only because you've got too tight a neck. You're bruising your cartilage, you're causing herniations, you're causing sores.

[Attendee #2]

Does that give headaches to you?


Uh, no. I have no headaches. The doctors are like, I can't believe you're walking and you can use your left arms to the left and I'm using my left arm fine.


They can't believe they can't get a pool payment from you.




If you have no pain, you're not in that bad of shape.


Oh, I am in pain unfortunately.


Just no headaches.

[Attendee #3]

I'm a physical therapist, the only thing I would say is that a lot of times the herniation is because the vertebrae are in the wrong direction.


That's right cause you've got muscles that are too tight.

[Attendee #3]

Exactly, but part of it is the exact opposite in the neck and the lumbar that when you do extension exercises, you pump extension, you pump the fluid and the disc back toward the anterior back toward the front, and that's what you want. You have to be careful with this because if you're pumping it back toward the back, you can push it out there. You can look online under McKenzie neck exercises, McKenzie back exercises, and they will tell you the kind of exercises to do and it would take a lot less time than what you're talking about if you pump the disc back into where it's supposed to.

And part of it is all the flexion that we do all day, but with the neck exercises, you really wanna do what it says in the book. I don't wanna do anything like this right now, but I think it's really important to check out the position of the disc and your spine.

You're pumping it forward instead of pumping it back.


If you're using those hot water bottles at night, you're not gonna have that problem because you keep everything relaxed and everything shoves back in the way it's supposed to.

If you're tight, and you go into a plow or any other neck position, or you can go to a chiropractor and have adjustments like that, you can really damage the tissue. But if you're relaxed and everything's heated and relaxed, you're not gonna have things go out of place.

[Attendee #3]

Yeah. I'd be careful with the exercises, unless you really know what you're doing.


I don't think you have to be careful as long as you're doing the hot water bottle. I've had thousands of people do that, and not one has ever been injured as long as they do the hot water bottles.

If they try to do without the hot water bottles, some of 'em have been bruised, but that's cuz they don't listen. They think, "Oh, I had it on last night, I don't need it tonight". Every day's a new day, you have new acids going into your spine and your column. So, you have to make sure every day you take care of it if you're in a dangerous situation,





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