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Grapefruit doesn't react as badly, and also pineapple actually helps mend the bones and reverse osteoporosis. The Tangerine, the orange, the lemon, the lime will help deteriorate the bones.


You can't suck on a lemon or a lime, right?


I didn't make the world this way. Don't be upset with me. I just observe and tell you what it does.


Fish or chicken when you put it in lemon. You shouldn't have that.


No, that's fine because there's enough substances in there for the lemon to work on. It's not gonna damage the mineral balance of it unless you have it too often.


What do you mean, you can't put too much?


If you have it every day, if you have lemon and chicken every day, you're going to have some mineral deficiencies.


So, you shouldn't eat chicken every day?


No. Lemon and chicken. Nobody should eat lemon every day.


And we have that chicken for three days.


If you eat it every day for three days, it's not going to cause mineral deficiency. If you ate it every day for 10 days, you better believe you're gonna start having mineral deficiencies.

It depends upon the individual. If your teeth start getting more sensitive, you are having too much lemon. Your gums start getting sensitive, any part of your body starts getting sensitive. You've had too much citrus, back off.


What about the lube formula?


The lube formula has such a small amount of it in relationship with the fat.

That's why it usually doesn't harm marinated fish, because you have the fats to utilize the citric acid. In the process of utilizing fat as energy or as utilizing it as a solvent to dissolve toxins in the body, the body uses 80% fat, 15% proteins and 5% citric acid or alcohol the body will make by fermenting carbohydrates in the system.

Fats are usually accompanied by a lot of minerals. All fats are concentrated with minerals, nothing to worry about, but if you use a lot, like some people use an awful lot of lemon juice to marinate their chicken and they're eating/drinking all of that lemon use along with it, they're going to create an imbalance. Fat and mineral deficiency, it's going to start leeching it out of the body.





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