Picked Up A Parasite





You picked up a parasite where?


In Nepal.


Do you like him?


Not at all here. I was very lucky to have it, but I didn't feel I needed it.

I ended up taking antibiotics.


Lots of lime and lemon juice together, equal parts of lime to honey lime. And that will pretty much destroy. Did you had a tapeworm or an intestinal fluke, which kind of did you have?

That's an internal fluke, that isn't a fluke that runs around in Nepal water, although it does, it runs around water everywhere, all over the world. So, it's doubtful you got it from there. It's probably just time for you to detox cause you were in a humid climate

Humidity causes lots of bacteria and parasites to come active in the body. That's why tropical areas have more parasites and more insects because it breeds them. It's good weather for them, but that doesn't mean they're bad. You know?

I got my first parasite almost two years ago and it was while I was in the jungles in Vietnam, and you don't get tape worms from the jungles, this is an internal thing. So, I was delighted because that's my first worm. I've been trying to get parasites. I've eaten so many different kinds of parasites and parasite invested meats to get the tapeworms and to get parasites, but was never able to take hold because I had had so much chemotherapy and radiation in my body and other heavy metals from all the injections and medications that not much bacteria, and no parasite could ever feed on my body because if it ate a cell it would die, it was so poisonous.

So, I got my first one about two years ago and I was on the toilet constantly and I thought, oh my gosh, I get to really detoxify quickly.

Maybe it'll help you that surgery that I had a little compound in there.

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