Pharmaceutical Industry Loves To Blame Bacteria



pharmaceutical industry





People don't get hepatitis from getting in the ocean. Medical profession loves to blame anything natural, bacteria. Their theory is the bacteria theory, bacteria is responsible for all disease.

Bacteria is just the response of disease. Bacteria's there to help get rid of the toxicity. Just like vultures and crows eat decaying flesh.


Well, how about like surfers that contract hepatitis from surfing in a sewage spill area or something. Would you say that they already had a toxic liver?


They already had a toxic liver, yeah. You don't contract hepatitis from sewage. Like I say, doctors and medical profession love to blame that, but there's no scientific proof of that.

They've taken animals and put 'em in solutions like that, and they've never got hepatitis. So, the medical profession gets away with saying a lot of bs, nobody holds them to it.

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