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Just to counteract the effects of like chemical sensitivity to like colognes and stuff like that, and laundry detergent and working with people like that you're just inhaling it all the time.


Gotta have a lot of fat in the body. He's talking about people who have allergies to colognes and perfumes, how to desensitize yourself to that.


What do you do?


Lot's of fat.

You're fine.




I've heard of those pendants you can put on your neck.


That's not really. So, what it can do is some of those pendants that you can wear that say they clean the air, what they do is they generate ions on. California, we all know about too many protons goes a long time without raining and everybody gets crazy.

You have more road rage, everything increases substantially, psychologically. People's buttons are pushed very easily, very sensitive at those times. And then when it rains, the body brings all these ions there, it balances the intensity of protons. What happens? People feel better. So, those things are ionic generators.

However, the problem with that is that when you send out these new ions, guess what happens? The protons start bombarding anything. So, you're gonna go into your lungs, into your respiratory system, uh, into your mucus membranes and bombard and cause proton toxicity, so it's going to imbalance your own electrical system.

So, that's not the way to do it. Especially right up against your face and over your, your chest. Sure, it will work, but the end result is not longevity wise proper.

I tell people, they say, "Well, I'm in a very toxic area. Should I use an ionizer in my house?" Sure, use an ionizer in your house, but you put it in a room that you're not in.

Night, you put it in the living room or the dining room and let it take care of those rooms, and you close your bedroom door and you put a towel down at the bottom.

And then during the day, half an hour before you're going to get up and to move around you set your alarm, you go our there and turn it off. Hold your breath, keep your eyes squinted, turn it off and then go back. And most of the protons will be bombarded into your rug and walls and everything. So, it's not likely to harm you, but just in case, go in there, turn it off, go back to bed for 30 minutes and then get up, take it to the bedroom, close the bedroom after you're dressed and everything and let it do it in the bedroom.

Or if you want to do it in a perfectly natural way, get 3 plants per room and they'll take care of it for you. And on the website, I wrote three newsletters that I put in there about the plants that are most effective in pulling toxins out of your home. Either building materials and toxicity that's airborne.

So, those plants can help you maintain a very healthy environment, air filter.


So, ionizers?


Like I say, they are an option and they will help, but they are not the best. What did I just talk about? Ionics. That's a problem.

Your HEPA filter is okay, they're just gonna run the air that's present in the system through a filter and help pull out the toxins and poisons that are larger particles.

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