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You know Dechamp? D E C H A M P. He was probably the best known biochemist who really was a doctor, Antoine Busan at the time of Pasteur.

There are quite a few, I refer to some of them in my Recipe Book in the last 50 pages, used look up their work. I didn't create it. I discovered it on my own without ever reading them, but once I read them, I thought, oh, it's already known.


They say penicillin saved 15% of casualties in the second world war. but you don't like penicillin?


No. Penicillin is the worst thing invented since the wheel.

It's a lie about it saved 15%. How do you come up with that figure? Do you take one set of soldiers and you treat them with the same wounds with the penicillin and the others? No, they didn't do that. They did no controlled experiment. They just want to sell a product, but what I find is penicillin, once sterilized has no off switch, no hibernation.

So, it will eat on your body as long as you're a carbohydrate eater. If you eat any grain food, grain-based foods, you're going to feed penicillin in your body for your whole lifetime, and it mainly feeds in the intestines and brain. And I see it in- not everybody, 95/100 people. I see the penicillin pretty rampant and another 5/100 it's minimal, but still active in the brain and the intestines.

I have seen some people, it's just all over their whole body and they wonder why they have fibromyalgia and have no energy. This penicillin is growing in their system like crazy.

Now penicillin belongs in the bird community. The birds eat grains, that is one of their detoxification symptoms or aids to better health to getting rid of damaged tissue is the fungus, the penicillin fungus. But when we put it in our bodies, it grows in us because we live on grain-based foods, and it eats a lot because when we eat grains, we don't eat them raw, we eat them cooked. So, it damages cells, and then penicillin has a piece and in some people it is worse than others, but in most people, it is not a good thing. You can use lime juice, then there's no side effect.

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