Iris is in February. You said, I've got a lot of penicillin in my body. What has that got to do with the fact that I can't digest cooked foods? That's why I'm on the diet. I'm on the diet almost four years and I do great as long as they eat everything that hetells me.


No, that was your rosacea and your splotching on your face. That's from the penicillin.

Now what happens is, penicillin is a bird fungus. When birds have eaten grains that they haven't digested properly, and let's say they're breaking cells down and the body needs help, say they've gone through a long drought, then a fungus will appear.

Penicillin will appear and help break down those cells that are built off of this carbohydrate, grains. We would never have penicillin in the human body, except that we eat grain food: breads, cakes, pastas; anything made of grain and the cells are made of those products, fungus can live off of.

Now, we wouldn't normally have that variety of of penicillin, but the pharmaceutical industry is made of penicillin that when injected in us lives forever, because when they sterilize it, they damage the RNA and DNA to tell it to go into hibernation. That on and off switch. They damaged it, so it'll always be active. That doesn't mean that the penicillin is a bad thing because it will only eat damaged tissue that was built on grain foods, so with a lot of carbohydrate.

So, it's a beneficial fungus as long as it doesn't get out of control andmakes your life miserable.


So, what's that connection with the, the fact that I here for several years wasn't able to digest food, cooked foods.


Well that was cause you weren't digesting and absorbing anything because it was cooked, plus you have lots of toxicity in your intestines. It came to the point where you just can't digest, unless it's raw. And there's a lot of people that come to that point.

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