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pasteurized milk


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You have to understand that pasteurized milk causes a lot of osteoporosis and a lot of hardening of the bone. A lot of people get broken bones from eating pasteurized dairy because of the minerals that are cauterized. So concentrated in minerals that it collects in the system. When I had the fermented milk, it started clearing out of my tissues.

A lot of those cauterized minerals.


What would you use to detox old grains and breads?


You just take those grains. If you were eating rye bread, then you use rye. And you let them soak in a lot of water for about three days till they start fermenting and getting mold on them. Then you eat just a little bit of it, but you don't do a lot unless you want to go through a heavy detoxification. So I don't know how much I'm scarred.

I still have, you know, the sore, you see the spots. You know, the little sore from where the hives came out and blistered my skin, see the dark spots. Uh, I've got them all over here and some on my chest.


Like black spots?


Yeah, little dark spots. See them.

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