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Cooking at 141° destroys 50% of the calcium, just at 141°.

So, that's why pasteurization was so bad. Now that the pasteurization is up around 169° to 170°, so almost 90% of the calcium is destroyed. And do you know what they do with pasteurized milk? They get mined calcium, mined calcium, and they shovel it into the tanks and then stirred up in there because when they pasteurize and skim the milk and treat it nowadays, it turns blue.

So, they put the calcium also in it to turn it white. The vitamin D that they add to it is hydrogenated vegetable oils, which is plastic, and they irradiate it with ultra violent lights and call that vitamin D. Doesn't have any relationship to vitamin D, but you can convince any politician. You say, oh, sun rays, radiation touches fat in the body, turns it into vitamin D. So, we'll make vitamin D by taking fat and irradiating it. That is their thinking. And people buy it, people accept it. So, all that vitamin D is completely toxic. It's irradiated plastic, and then they just sell you that this milk is good. This pasteurized milk is good.

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