Pasteurized Dairy Bronchitis

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But I've always thought that usually people that have a lot of bronchitis and stuff, that's coming from pasteurized dairy, I would've never thought it came from cooked fruits and veggies.


Well, if you look at all of studies and the laboratory tests that they've done with milk and pasteurized milk, it's never created bronchitis, it's never one of the symptoms.

They say creates diabetes, osteoporosis, and diseases like that, it has never been attributed to bronchitis. I mean it's a myth now, a lot of alternative people make that claim, but it's come from no research. It's just, they're hypothesizing.


A lot of people experience is they eat pasteurized dairy, they start to get a lot of mucus, and they get a cold


Yes, because the body's trying to discharge the poisonous of the mucus, and it's discharging out the mucus. That's not a problem. They're getting rid of it.


So, what you're saying is pasteurized dairy causes a lot of mucus, but it doesn't cause the poisons in the mucus-


If the mucus is taking the poisons out it's not going to cause a bronchitis.

Well, it means that their body's discharging it quicker, so the body's trying to protect itself.


So, if you were having a cough, you're releasing all the poisons from the pasteurized milk.


Correct, as much as possible.


The longer it lasts the more you release?


Yeah, depending upon how you break it down in the system.


Is there any way to describe the experiment that Owanza did where she developed that information about the different colored fruit.


Well, what she did was she asked the laboratory technician to see if there was a fat residue that was connected in certain tissue. So, what he had to do was use certain kinds of enzymes, which are solvents to dissolve the tissue and then separate it, so he could study it.

How exactly and what he used and all that. I didn't take notice of. When he said these were the results, and when you looked into those results, then you can see that in this kind of condition, there were a lot of the resins from the red foods, resins from the yellow foods in these different conditions.

And that was how it was resolved and concluded.





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