Past 3.5 Weeks - Injury and Pain







I'm gonna start this one off a little bit different. I'm going to tell you basically what I've been going through for the past three and a half weeks, just so you can get an idea. Now, the people who have come to see me, a few people saw my Iris, the left one with the last remaining brown reddish brown spot that I had in the Iris.It was on the spine.

For about six months after I was having sex for about a half hour, my lower back would start hurting, which hasn't been hurting in 15 years, something like that. If you remember in the book that I talk about having had the radiation on my abdomen that burned my entire spine.

So it was basically after the radiation therapy, I couldn't even touch my knees. I had been so burned in the spine. Then after I went through a spinal meningitis, which I didn't know if I was going to survive. About four months, four and a half months after that, after I healed from it, I was able to touch my shins.

The next time had spinal meningitis, I could touch the floor. But it takes about four, four to four and a half months to heal from one of those. Well, I went through it again three and a half weeks ago. It started with the pain in my lower back mildly and I have a crossbow, an old one made out of wood and it had broken the prod, so I had molded this whole thing to remake it because you can't get any parts for it. And then I went to re string it myself. Now it's 150 pound bow. When you string it it's 300 pounds. So, I was stringing it and I ripped all the muscles away from my spinal cord right here. So, I was basically crippled. I had a black tie affair in exactly 24 hours to go to.

And this is something maybe metaphysical, I don't know, but anytime I've had a problem, I'm always able to do what I need to do. I had lots of pain formulas with cheese, and that's basically all I ate besides chicken constantly during the night up until that time where I had to go to the black tie affair.

Put my tux on and I went to the black tie affair. I was getting up very slowly, but I was maneuvering and did the whole thing. For the next two days I was crippled again, basically I couldn't put socks on. I had to crawl to the bathroom, do different things. Then when it started going into meningitis, spinal meningitis, it was like a flu symptoms all over, tons of mucus coming out.

This went on basically off and on for a three and a half week period. Today is my first day without pain. But all along the way, I've been handling clients, still functioning, all along. And every time it would come to a client coming my body would stop all the mucus flow, so I didn't have to react that way.

And anytime I had to go out and do something, my body made sure that I did it pretty easily. That's another thing. I don't know if it has something to do with my own metaphysical nature, but I've seen other people able to do this too .When they go through detox, they seem to be able to function normally. I have a few new clients within the last three months who have had heavy projects going and they were getting tremendous flus as they were detoxing, but they function every day doing their normal job and even more intensely. So they were saying, "Gosh, I've never been this sick, but I've never been able to be functional at the same time". So, I'm just bringing this up to let you know what you have to go through sometimes to get well.

Just don't panic, don't run to doctors.

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