Parasites In Muscle and Dewormers




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I did a test about, uh, 24 years ago. I took a lamb, a very healthy young lamb, and we sterilized him with vinegar, everything natural. So, we coated it with vinegar, it breaks down bacteria, alcohol, but the natural alcohol. We sterilized the whole room, the normal way for sterilization, which is steamed the room. 

We steamed the room. It was all glass, there was two sides, and we had a pedestal that was also glass and on that pedestal, after I slaughtered the lamb, took a slice of that lamb, completely sterile environment. Put that slice of lamb, brought down the glass container over it. 

A glass container went over to the outer room and there were three HEPA filters there, so there's no way that any parasite or bacteria could have passed through into that. That came through to a small room that was about 3x3, and it contained 6 dracaenas, which produce a lot of oxygen. 

So, oxygen got through clean into that meat, kept that room, the hermetically sealed environment where the meat was. We kept it at the sheep's body temperature, which was about a hundred, 101.8°.  

Guess what appeared in three days? Parasites. Parasites and bacteria are a natural product of every animal tissue in this world. 

Just like worms are in the earth. Let's say your cell is the earth in every cell, in your skin, in every cell, which is soil. You've got parasites, you've got worms, you've got everything you need to make life ecologically balanced and recycle.  

So, your tissue, all animal cells contain parasites, and when you need them, they will flourish. However, if you're so metal poisoned, they will not survive. They'll eat tissue and they'll die, it'll kill them. That's why the medical profession wants to keep poisoning you.  


They wanna get rid of the parasites.  


They don't want you to have parasites. 

They want you to say, I don't have parasites, I don't have bacteria, I must be healthy, and that's the way they look at it. But they don't look at the process of those bacteria and those parasites being healthy to get rid of degenerative tissue to make you healthier, and that's what happens. They make you healthy.  

In the animal tests that I did, the animals who had parasites got very well. The other animals that we gave a dewormer and we dewormed, they stayed lethargic, and when we performed autopsies at their death, they were all very old animals, and we got rid of the parasites of some animals, fed the other animals good raw foods, so they maintained through the parasites, even though they had lethargy and problems for up to six months, one of 'em almost seven months. 

They all at the time of their death were so much healthier. Their organs were rich and red and the animals that we gave dewormers and got rid of their parasites, their tissue was black. So. all the evidence is there.  


Didn't primitive people use clay and stuff to help get rid of parasites? 


No, they just helped get rid of the veratoxins that were produced from parasitical activity. 

They knew the parasites were good, so they ate the clay to help eliminate the discharge, but parasites eat a 100x their weight in 24 hours and discard only 1%. That's like you eating a hundred pounds of food a day and having a one-pound turd the next day, that's very efficient.  

My body only has to handle 1% of waste. Bacteria eats about 50x their weight in a 24-hour period, but discards about 5% waste. That's 10% waste on the whole. So, let's say they're eating 50 pounds and they're having a 5 pound third the next day. 

That's pretty good. That's pretty efficient, but still not as efficient as a parasite. So, I prefer a parasite. 

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