Parasites From Carbs





And there are some people who are in third world countries that live completely on cooked starches, and they don't get meat. So, what happens is they get parasites, and they have to help them eat that sugar decay, so it doesn't dissolve their whole body. Some people die of malnutrition. They're not dying of the parasite. 

They're dying of malnutrition and the breakdown that the advanced glycation end products and acrylamides are causing in their body. But again, it's a food contamination, it's not the parasite or the bacteria causing the problem. 

Flies do the same thing; flies secrete a fluid that dissolves matter. That's part of their digestion, it happens in the mouth, frogs do the same thing. 


If you eat something from a fly, it lands on the food, it may lay an egg- you may have an egg or something. 


Even if it puts that fluid down, it's not going to hurt you. You're not eating enough. 

It's not bacteria, we have 23,000 varieties of bacteria in our mouth. The human being is the most toxic and you're looking at bacteria. The most toxic salivary juices in the world. 2,300 various bacteria in the human mouth. How many people have you killed that you bit? 

It's all bullshit. This whole bacteria thing is bullshit. The main enzyme we have is the Tylen enzyme and that breaks down sugar. 


It's the same thing if a dog bites you, you're not gonna get rabies? 


Not likely. 

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