Parasites Are Good For You

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Afraid of getting parasites and bacterial infections is such an absurdity.  

I'm in that category of oxygenarian who doesn't produce any hydrochloric acid and they said when I was 20 years old, when they did that, they said you will never be able to eat raw foods again, they will kill you. If you get a bacterial, parasitical infection. 

I've eaten parasite infected meat that undulated with the pinworms and, and calves' brain that was full of parasites and chicken tripe that was full of the parasites and never got one. I had my feces and blood checked for 10 weeks after, and I never got one parasite.  

The doctors and scientists think, "Oh, this is how it probably is and therefore it is". And it's written in stone. It's got nothing to do with reality. So, no need to be afraid and go through life, terrified to the raw meat. 


When you're talking about parasites... 


Take your own bodies. We lose skin cells every day. Before there were showers and baths, guess what you did? You had salmonella bodies, billions of them on your arms and body that would eat these dead human cells. Eat them.  

That's what salmonella was there to do, eat the dead cells. So, you didn't cake up and dry out. They were helping you, it's a symbiotic relationship. You have these small protozoa type parasites that live on waste products: very, very small molecules of animal flash that have degenerated. So, they're all good. 

Well, it's because you had too much rock in your system and you weren't on a good diet, so you weren't cleansing properly and you weren't healing properly. 





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