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Will a human contract a parasite, if they're not- if they don't need it, for example, hookworm will a hookworm, grow and given that- according to your theories you don't need to detox or not, it won't.


Parasites have to live on degenerative cells.

You have degenerative cells they'll be your friend and get rid of those degenerate cells quicker.

Said this many times, if you have a parasite, the parasite can eat 100 times its weight in about 10 hours, 100 times its weight. Could you imagine eating 100 times your own weight in 10 hours?


No. *laughs*


It will take that mass and reduce it to about 1 10th that mass, in discarding, in it's by-products. Like we made 7 pounds of food in the day. Then the next day we drop it out in one- half to a whole pound turd.

And that's what parasites do and bacteria do, they reduce the contamination, so it's easier to handle it. When you have a virus it's not alive, that does not eat, it just disassembles things.

It's a solvent, so you have all this waste product that gets everywhere.

That's why it's preferable to have bacteria and parasites to help you, but we are so contaminated with pollution, the pollutionin the cells that when the parasites and bacteria eat it, they are killed, they're poisoned, so you can't hold onto the bacteria and parasites to help you.

That's why the body and you get depressed.

Most depression is because your body has to rely on solvents with high toxicity that permeates the tissues.

That's why when people who have chronic psychological problems and depression. Once they eat the high meat, within 10-20 minutes, they're happy.

Because all of a sudden you're giving the body some bacteria to help you do the work, the detoxification.

And it relieves the body of a lot of work.

So those are very good helpers so.

You want parasites and you want bacteria.

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