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bee pollen


Sometimes the lubrication formula works within 20 minutes. That's because when you put the bee pollen in it, the bee pollen is a very finite protein and the bees, when they collected it, they put their saliva on it. So, it's predigested, broken down the shells, like a nut has a hard shell on it, it's why you can't dry it.

Cause once it's dry, the shell is hard and it's like eating a walnut. There's no way you can break that shell down and digest it, but when it's moist, then your body can utilize that protein instantly, also egg whites. That's why I use so much egg in the diet because t the egg white is all easily absorbed and digested protein, instantly.

That's why I worked for that women with emphysema who supposed to die on the weekend. She ate 66 eggs, and she was out of bed off the oxygen for the first time in two years.

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