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There is no such thing as a pain that's debilitating as long as you're on good diet. Pain is always a result of the body correcting itself. It's swelling in a particular area. The body's always trying to heal itself. It will correct itself if you're feeding it the right nutrients, whether you are on the diet or off the diet, you go through the same pain. 

It's just that you will go through less pain on the diet and you will cleanse properly and heal properly. I was crawling on the floor like a worm cause I was in such pain after they cauterized my spine from the radiation. I was in so severe pain; I couldn't move my entire body. I had to crawl on the floor like this, take me 30 minutes to get across the room. 

So, I had gallon jars that I had urinated in. Buckets that I shat in, and then somebody would come and clean them out every couple of days. So, my house stunk like hell, but that's the way I lived cause I was in severe pain, but I was on a good diet and I knew I just had to wait it out, get it through. 

I mean, I tried to commit suicide a couple times. It didn't work, so I had to endure it. So, no pain is not justified, you wanna reduce it with good nutrients. Pain formula that's in the book will reduce it most of the time. Hot water bottles to relax the area, so it doesn't cause pressure on the nerves, and that will reduce pain. 


Back pain? 


That's again, swelling in that area, and that joint. Put two hot water bottles on either side of your [unclear], and eat the pain formula once or twice a day with your meat. 

Eric, do you have a question? 


I have back pain that just won't go away. 


People who've had back injuries and back problems like we do spend the rest of their life in pain. He only goes through it maybe three or four weeks. 


The last time it was only like 17 days. 


Oh terrific. That's what happens on this diet. You go through a detoxification, each time you start cleaning out that area, it gets to the point where it's clean. It's quick. 


How long does it take the body to start detoxing and cleaning? 


It depends upon the individual. You saw our milk man, James Stewart. He went two and a half years on the diet without ever going through a detox. He had been a vegetarian for almost 30 years. He was 50 years old when he went on the diet, he was 138 pounds. 6' 3'', 138 pounds. 

He's not skinny anymore, now he's 210. So, he had gone all his life eating nothing, but chips and garbage. So, his body took two and a half years just to strengthen itself to get ready to detox. Other people will go right into it. All depends. It's an individual thing. 

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