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heavy metals



Oysters are very helpful. It's funny, oysters have the ability to take some of the most toxic substances and they build it in the shell, rather than bring it into the body.  

I had one of the most toxic people that I'd ever seen, grew up under an airport and she was loaded with metal poisoning. 

And I said if you eat three dozen oysters a week, you could probably eliminate- because she was going through fibromyalgia really bad. So, she barely had enough energy to get outta bed every day. She ate three dozen a week for an entire year. She got rid of one third of her metal poisoning in one year. I've never seen anybody do that before. She was diligent. 


Does that go for osteoporosis? 



There's something about the cell of an oyster that can take a mineral from any substance and make good out of it. 


How do you know if they are farm raised or naturally grown in the ocean? 


All oysters and clams are farmed raised. However, all that means to a oyster and a clam is that they have a fence that blocks off a part of the ocean, and they're now allowed to claim that as their farm, so people can't trespass.  

The only thing that they do is not natural; sometimes they'll take the offspring, separate it from the mother and plant it in different areas, but they don't feed it garbage. They don't feed. It's only fed what's naturally in the ocean because they found out they screw up their reproduction and they don't reproduce it if they feed them. So, it's completely natural except for the fence. 


What do they eat? 


Whatever's in the water, the ocean water. Well, There's 

Well, the jars are glass, so that's fine, but it's still probably better to have them fresh. That means it’s still alive. 

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