Oysters Live On Sea Water Only

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So, do you have a question? 


Yeah, I wanted to know.  

When I went into the Ocean Ave seafood place yesterday, I was talking to the guy in the oyster bar, and he was saying that when the oysters come in.  

What he does, he takes cold water, he washes them through all around to take off the sand and any kind of smell.  

'cause they always just come in very smelly.  

Well, I wanted to know, but since I've ate that oyster, is the water going through that oyster? 

They open it up, and then I pick it up in my hand and I go like that- 


The oyster only eats one time a day, and it will only eat one time a day.  

And what it does is absorb seawater and it filters the sea water.  

So, when they wash it with city water, if that oyster absorbs any of the water will kill the oyster.  

Oyster cannot live on fresh water, especially contaminated by the city water. 

So no, it was does not get into the oyster. 


So, should I hold it like this and slip it into my mouth.  


When they wash it off, it's all off.  

Any water that comes out of the oyster is sea water. 


No, what I'm saying is when it drips. 


When he watches it, it's early when he gets them in. So, anything dripping is going to be seawater. 


No, they'll do that in sushi bars, they'll open up the shell and wash the actual oyster meat beforehand. 


Tell them not to do it. 


No, he washes it beforehand. Shelled. 


The water on the shell, if there's any water on the shell by the time you get it, it's just the water from inside the oyster that's broken. 


It so whenever I slip out like that and I can pour it out on the bowl 


Yeah, and drink it.  


Okay, so there's no city water then? 


It's ocean water, the waters been highly filtered from the oysters. 





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