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Well, look what they did in Africa. You take the whole north of Africa, it's a desert because Egypt over cultivated, cut down trees. So, Egypt had a whole north continent of Africa was their agricultural bed. It's a desert because of what they did.


You're talking 2000 years ago?


Yeah, thousands of years ago.

2,000 - 10,000 years ago. That was all lush. It was all lush, African lush territories there.


There are those who would argue that if you eat beef, if we had to produce that we beef, which means to beef after the graze on land. How can that be sustainable?


Well, that's if you're trying to get the cattle to craze unnaturally.

You let cattle graze on whatever, it grows, it's wonderful. Take a look at Hawaii. My God, the grass is grown as green as this, and the cattle don't need much room. You just graze tropical areas. Sure. You cut down forest, let me tell you. Those forests grow faster than then you could cut them.

At Pangaia, they have to cut back every day to keep that junk creeping into their growth area. So, that's a little off. But when you're clearing the land completely, taking out all trees and you use chemicals, you're going to erode the land and that's the problem.

But if you let grass grow and you've got cattle running around in a jungle, you've got that growing heavily. It's going to grow and grow and grow. It's not going to be a problem.

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