Over Acidity - Slant Bed Upwards

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I'm telling you what I've seen work, you know, and when you have somebody that has an acid condition like that, it permeates their system, unless there's that excessive fat in the blood lymph and neurological system and tissues, you're not going to be safe. You're always going to have symptoms.

And if you sleep, you better sleep at a slant.


I tried that.


Well, it keeps the lungs from collapsing, if you're lying straight the acids seep into the lungs. The lungs can collapse and be hard to breathe properly. When you've got it at a slant, you don't have the gravitational weight as a hindrance to breathing.

You're elevated like this, feet are this way, the legs are this way and the bodies at an angle.


I tried that didn't do any good, lifted the head in my bed.


But you had your feet down this way. If you lifted the whole bed than the whole beds at this angle


No, I lifted just the head of the bed.


How can you lift just the head? If you're lifting the head of the bed, the whole bed is gonna crank.


There were bricks underneath it.


Here's the bed, you put bricks under here, the whole beds gonna slant upward. What you have to do is you have to get the bed like a hospital bed, this level where you're from the waist up at a high angle what you can do is get one of those rectangular shaped pillows or put on your body or use three pillows to layer it.

So, you're at that angle.


And what about the gums and stuff?


I say you've got all those metals leaving the nervous system going out the teeth. So, keep honey and butter in your mouth. You absorb those acids or cream to keep a little bit of cream in your mouth. Honey & butter mixture. It should be about eight butter to one honey for the mouth acid.

What acid fruit are you talking about tomato? Grapefruit is fine. It all depends upon the individual. I tell people to their their fruit in the afternoon and not after 6-7 o'clock because it could interrupt the whole system.





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