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In terms of the osteoporosis and the vinegar, how how much should you be careful about ingesting before? Because I already have osteoporosis, because I've been doing the vinegar a lot of.


Well, it's not a good idea to have any more than, let's say a half a teaspoon of vinegar a day and have it in a vegetable juice. It's a good carrier for it for the arteries and veins to break up the plaque. If you put it in milk, not likely to get into the glands and organs, and if you have a build up there or you have kidney stones or bladder stones, then the vinegar and milk is a good vehicle that a good combination to get to the kidneys and bladder.

Of course, the vinegar carried in juice will get to the kidney and bladder too if you have stones to break them up.

If you have a stone like I had that grew since I was three years old, and that was concentrated from mercury from tetanus shots and other vaccines when I was an infant, it made a solid steel ball in the center of a stone that was this long, and this wide. The longest one that all of these urologists had ever seen, of course it had grown for 54 years. So, it was huge. That's not going to dissolve with vinegar.

What the urologist said, he said, "I can dissolve that in 20 minutes". It took him an hour and 40 minutes because it was solid metal inside, mainly mercury. And I had to deal with those poisons that were dispersed throughout my body for a couple of years.

So, now if you have that kind of a stone, it's been a very long, long time developing and it's concentrated mercury, it's not likely that vinegar's going to work for that. But your common stones that are formed from cooked foods that you've eaten, whether it's you ate the cooked foods. 40, 50, 60 years ago, when you're detoxifying and they collect and they bind together, they can actually grow like a normal crystal. They can get larger and larger. So, vinegar helps prevent that kind of thing, but no more than a half a teaspoon a day. For some people who've been on a raw diet for a very long time, no more than a quarter or teaspoon a day.

Raw unpasteurized apple cider vinegar.

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