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I have osteoporosis, I've had a fracture and I just started this diet six weeks ago. So, I'm really trying to do the right thing so I grow my bones.


And this is an MD, I hope you don't mind me saying.


But I'm really trying hard to do the right thing to grow the bone back as quickly as possible and I crave salt.


Salt is gonna make it worse.

Sodium is an explosive, sodium is so volatile it's worse than nitroglycerin, twice as volatile as nitroglycerin. You can get just a fraction, you can take it from a temperature of like 80° and get it near something cold and it'll explode. You can take it from cold and just a few like 8° more will cause it to explode.

That's why they don't use it as an explosive. But when you isolate sodium completely, a rock of sodium this big is worth an atomic bomb.

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Why is she craving it?


Because she needs fractionation, she needs help digesting. A lot of people use it to go in there and explode and burst things apart, but it's not a good way to do it because there are tears and rips and lesions that are left behind, and lots of red blood cells are dehydrated and damaged forever, and they shrivel up like a grape to a raisin.


Well, is there anything I can do to alleviate that?


Okay, your body is craving minerals and digestibility. All you do is take cheese and honey, three times a day, two tablespoons of cheese, a half a teaspoon of honey only, mash those together or eat them together in your mouth.

Now, raw cheeses do not digest in the human digestive tract. The body uses it as a sponge and chelation to draw out poisons, hold onto 'em pass out the feces. It's wonderful. Cooked cheeses, if you do the same thing, it'll absorb all those poisons, but then it gets reabsorbed into the body because it's been cooked, it's all fractionated. But somehow the body knows with the raw cheese how to handle it and just pass it out.

Unless you eat honey with it, then it's completely absorbed and digested and you get to use all the minerals to resupply, that's a mineral supplement, resupply your minerals. And of course, dairy is the best mineral supplement there is to rebuild bones, that's why babies drink it. I mean, can you imagine that a baby can grow from this size, well, when it's born can in two years can grow to this size, bones and everything else. That's a tremendous amount of minerals, only in dairy can humans digest that many minerals and make them into bone as well as ligaments and all the other tissue, only dairy can do that properly.


Can you repeat that recipe?


  • Two tablespoons of raw unsalted cheese
  • Half a teaspoon - whole teaspoon of honey.


How often?


Three times a day and two times after a meat meal. Well, if you have osteoporosis, I usually suggest that people do eating schedule two, which has three meat meals, instead of one.

And then 30, 35 minutes after you finish the meat meal, you have your cheese and honey together.





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