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Yes. This is for a lady, my friend. She has osteoperosis, she's 42. She's getting a pre-osteoperosis problems. And I try her read in the book or something about that. And you just say that pasteurized milk causes that.


Well, many things cause osteoporosis, but that's one of them.


What can she do to reverse the symptoms?


Well, like I said in the book, she can drink raw milk, she can eat lots of cheese. Cheese a couple of times a day with honey. When you eat cheese, raw cheese, no salt raw cheese with honey, you'll actually digest the cheese.

Now any food that's dehydrated has no bioactive enzymes, difficulty to digest. Dog, and a cat can't even digest much raw cheese that's unsalted. Check the feces, passes out whole almost. Dog and a cat will get a high amount of hydrochloric acid, they may digest at the most 50% and human at the most 20%.

If you eat honey with it, you're providing enzymes to digest the minerals in the cheese and some of the fat and protein, so cheese all day long, and a little bit to absorb heavy metals and poison. Because when your body eats its own bone, it's doing it because it's low in calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium.

The alkalizing minerals to alkanize the acidic poisons in the body, and you produce a lot of the acidic poisons just by cooking food. Then if you add a all the food additives along with it, MSG and everything, you've got quite an array of toxins where your body has to use a vast amount of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus so it eats your own bones to do it.

Well, many things cause osteoporosis, but that's one of them.


She's in an environment that there is no raw milk at all.


She needs to move or get some cows or goats there order.

Where does she live?


San Paulo, Brazil.


I got milk in San Paulo.

All you had to do is go out, there are mountains around there and there are people with goats all over the place. You can get goats milk. She's just gonna have to have somebody go get it for her if she doesn't have the strength to go get it.

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So, the goat milk is okay?


If you don't have anything else.


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