Orthodontist Took Out 4 Teeth





The braces shrunk my mouth, and my tongue was so big that I couldn't speak. I lisped all the time cause my tongue didn't fit in my mouth. This is the stupidity of some people out there. "Oh, I'm gonna rearrange his mouth". Well, what size is the tongue? He didn't think about that?

So, I had to take scissors and keep cutting this membrane right here, so that my tongue would go back farther, so I could speak probably. That was pretty rough and I haven't had to do it for about 15 years because it's not growing back anymore, but it would grow back and I would have to cut it again. I used parashears. Parashears are sharp. *Clip* painful for a few seconds.

I'd turn red.


I pierced my ears with self piercing. They got infected, oh my God.


But that didn't infect, I was taken care of on a good diet. I have nine teeth that should be in there that don't exist: four, because of the orthodontist, four because of the wisdoms teeth that the dentist took out, and one that just rotted out in that experience in 1982.

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