Organic Vs Non-Organic Cucumbers








If it's organic, I put the whole cucumber, the peel and all, if it's not waxed. It can be called organic, and they still wax it, FDA has allowed them to do that. So, I can tell, you take a cucumber, take a non-cerated, like paring knife. You scrape it gently.  

If wax comes off of it, and you put it in your fingers, it dissolves and goes away. That's its natural wax. Same as an apple. If you, if that gets waxy and stays. That's plastic. That's paraffin wax. That's an artificial wax.  

If a man can't get hard very easily, do not use the peel, peel it. If you're having problems with erections, if you have that formula without the pineapple in it, and let's say three to three cups of cucumber, it'll help erection. 

Keep erections, unless you keep the peel for some reason, there's an enzyme in it that causes it not to get hardness to the penis. So, don't use the peel if you want to be hard, if you're going to do that. Just peel the cucumber and use that. 

Women don't have to worry about that. 

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